Find the balance between work – Living environment – Family

Towards the 30th anniversary of Phu My Hung’s founding in may 2023, Phu My Hung journal will start a series of articles on Phu My Hung – 30 years of fullness to introduce young entrepreneurs in the fields of 4g and many other creative works who are living in Phu My Hung, showing the high intellectual content of this future-oriented city. In the firstarticle, we introduce Mr. Tran Xuan Ngoc Tan, who has settled in Phu My Hung since 2018. In this good land, he built and developed a business, participated in the digital transformation revolution with the role of supporting Vietnamese businesses on the way of transformation to adapt to 4.0 industry.

Family, the biggest joy of CEO Tran Xuan Ngoc Tan.

When discussing about the company as well as about the idea of forming his own company after nearly 15 years of working for other companies, Mr. Tan shared that the intention to make his own came from the foundation of needing freedom to experiment his new intentions instead of following the trail of his predecessors. At first, the company only had a few acquaintances, but gradually expanded with offices in both the North and the South and the orientation gradually became more stable when participating in the wave of 4.0 technology revolution. Traditional businesses need technological solutions and products to quickly integrate into the new market of IoT, AI, blockchain, additive manufacturing, etc. Not only do they need to change but also quickly bring products to the market to receive feedback from customers and then change and adapt again. Mr. Tan is very proud that his company has quickly applied new technologies and software production processes to be able to continuously receive customers’ requirements and change solutions continuously throughout the development process. As a result, the company has met difficult requirements from big customers, such as GIC, ACB, CII, GGG, etc.

Beautiful apartment in Green Valley.

Commenting on the market, businesses are more and more aware of the benefits of digital transformation thatthese intangible assets help to increase business value more than traditional tangible assets, and it opens up more opportunities for businesses. For example, when contributing capital to a project, it is possible to use a phone app that allows crowdfunding for BOT projects not only to open up new opportunities for businesses but also to change the rules of the game that only investors with huge financial resources take part in. Participating in the development of this solution is a big challenge not only in terms of technical aspects, but also accompanying customers in the process of integrating with banks, meeting state regulations, but Mr. Tan’ s development team and customers believe in the stable future of applying technology to traditional fields for change.

And more than 70 employees of Carp Tech company that Mr. Tan built in a team building session in Phu Quoc.

Despite the optimistic growth of the market, there are also many challenges related to human resources, the technical level has increased, but there is still a gap compared to the world and the perspective of human resources is narrower than the extension of technology. Competition from startups, especially attractive new fields such as blockchain and defi, creates a shortage of people in both quantity and quality to go in the direction of supporting Vietnam’s businesses that are still young and inexperienced to take firm development steps in the digital age.

The facilities and living environment in Phu My Hung contribute to the balance between work and family. Mr. Tan is guiding his son swimming.
Mr. Tan’s son has a good environment and friends to play with.

But, for this man, what he is satisfied with besides work is the living environment of his family. He used to live in a townhouse, then to an apartment building in District 7 but when he decided to buy and move into the Green Valley apartment in Phu My Hung, he was really satisfied with his family’s decision. Mr. Tan was still impressed when he came to see the apartment, the children in the elevator greeted him, giving him the belief that this is where his children will grow up. Although it is just a small apartment on the 25th floor with a wide view to the center, every New Year’s Eve he can see all the fireworks of the city. His family is also very surprised aboutthe cost in Phu My Hung which is not too different from other places around here, from the costs of management, parking to tuition fees that are very competitive compared to other places.

Children’s playground available.
Safe streets for moms to take their kids out on bicycles.

Besides, Phu My Hung also has a very convenient environment for sports practice because Mr. Tan also participates in swimming, jogging, long-distance cycling. He has completed many marathons, running 70km VMM in Sapa, swimming 10km Oceanman in Krabi (Thailand) or Ironman 70.3 in Da Nang. Mr. Tan assessed that Phu My Hung only lacks a 50m-long swimming pool, but the rest has helped him a lot in doing things that he never imagined he could do before. Not only the low construction density, the green environment, the park… right under the apartment, but also the sports practice atmosphere of the communitywith many running groups, such as Runclub, Phu My Hung Runners, etc., that helps keep the atmosphere of practice hot and you can always find someone to guide you in the right way.

Nice view from Green Valley toward District 1.
Mr. Tan participated in the HCMC marathon taking place in Phu My Hung on April 18.

Equally importantwhentalking aboutthe residential areahe is living in, Mr.Tan emphasized the civilized, polite and friendly environment but still keeping the necessary privacy distance. Looking at the apartment doors that are always closed, not knowing if there are people living in or not, it can be a bit cold, but you can feel the heart and solidarity of the community here when necessary. During the last pandemic, a family with conditions organized a food truck to come to the apartment, anyone who needed it, just took it and left the money at the posted price. At the end of the day, the rest was delivered to neighboring areas, where many families were struggling, to distribute for free. Or call each other to collect food, cook water, and cook for field hospitals to support medical forces and people to overcome the pandemic. Those are silent actions, no one remembers who initiated the call, but its results leave many people’s minds with the spirit of accompanying the community and the societyto overcome difficulties. Mr. Tan said, Phu My Hung not only has new residents with high content of intellect but also residents with kind hearts.

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